Atif Aslam Full Biography: Pakistani Playback Singer

Atif Aslam or real full name Muhammad Atif Aslam, born in Pakistan on March 12, 1983, is a Pakistani Playback Singer, a songwriter, and also a composer and an actor.

Atif is best known for his super hit songs in the Indian and Pakistani film industries. He has recorded various top-of-the-chart songs both in India and Pakistan and is known best for his vocal belting technique.

Vocal Belting or Belting is a singing technique by which a singer can carry their chest voice above their break. It is a bit risky as, Belting is often described as “high chest voice”, but if done incorrectly it can potentially damage the voice instead.

Atif has sung in many languages like Punjabi, Bengali, and Pashto but mainly sings in Urdu and Hindi. He is known as one of the best playback singers in the Pakistani and Indian music industries of all time due to his multiple successful chart-topping songs.

Full Name:Muhammad Atif Aslam
Spouse:Sara Bharwana
Born:12 March 1983
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In 2008 Atif Aslam received an award from the Pakistani government, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, known as the fourth-highest civilian honor award.

He has also received many Lux Style Awards, Aslam made his debut in acting with the Urdu social drama film Bol in 2011.

After his nomination for the best singer in Pakistan, Aslam was also awarded a star in the Dubai Walk of Fame.

In December 2020, Atif Aslam was also featured in Forbes Asia’s 100 Digital Stars. He has a large fan base in Pakistan, India, and other neighboring countries as well. Aslam refers to his fans with the term “Aadeez” meaning Habitual.

Early life

Atif Aslam was born to a Punjabi Muslim family on 12 March 1983 in Wazirabad, Punjab, Pakistan. He went to Kimberley Hall School for his schooling in Lahore until 1991, and moved to Rawalpindi and continued his studies at another school, St. Pauls’s Cambridge School in Satellite Town.

Aslam went back to Lahore in 1995 where he continued his studies at a DPSC branch (Divisional Publis School and College).

From 1999 to 2001, he proceeded to attend Fazaia Inter College for his HSSC and later went to PICS for pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer science, during an interview Aslam revealed that he wanted to become a professional cricketer around this time.


Aslam revealed that he had no formal training in music initially, and wasn’t much interested in the thought of pursuing a career in music, and was more interested in cricket instead.

He started taking part actively in various musical competitions during his college days and ultimately was encouraged by his friends to pursue music as a career.

He mentioned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan as one of his very first inspirations in music.

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In 2001, Aslam formed a band named Jal and released the song Aadat with Goher Mumtaz, another contemporary musician. The song was written by Goher and sung by Aslam.

Aslam was the lead singer of the Jal band during its initial period. In many interviews, Aslam has mentioned that he had recorded the song with his pocket money at the age of 17. The band released the song on the internet and it became a youth anthem in 2003.

On 17 July 2004, Aslam released his first album titled Jal Pari after separation from his previous band Jal. The album Jal Pari had 11 tracks and was an instant hit, produced by Sarmad Abdul Ghafoor.

In 2005, the album also won the 4th Lux Style Awards in the “Best Album” category.

Step into Bollywood and Hollywood

After “Jal Pari”, In 2006 Aslam released one more solo album, “Doorie” having 18 tracks. This album also won the 6th Lux Style Awards in the “Best Album” category in 2007.

Aslam got his first breakthrough in Bollywood when Mahesh Bhatt called him to ask for his consent to include the song “Woh Lamhey” in the soundtrack of his new movie in 2005, Zeher.

The song Aadat and its remix was again created for the film Kalyug that was directed by Mohit Suri. Aslam had also worked with Mithoon for the song “Tere Bin” in 2006 from Bas Ek Pal.

This song was a super hit both in India and Pakistan and he got nominated for the Filmfare Award also. Three of his songs from his first album – Aadat, Ehsaas, and Yakeen were also used in a Hollywood movie in 2005 – Man Push Cart.

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Expulsion from Bollywood

After the 2019 Pulwama attack in February and frequent military standoff between India and Pakistan, In solidarity with the Indian government, the All-Indian Cinema Workers Association placed an immediate ban on all artists and workers from Pakistan within Indian cinema or music. They were also ordered to return to Pakistan.

After Aslam’s return to Pakistan, all of the songs that were already recorded by him and due for release in Bollywood were put on hold and were re-recorded by other Indian singers before release.

All songs were re-recorded with prominent artists’ voices, for instance – Tu Mila To Haina and Pachtaoge were re-recorded by Arijit Singh and Main Taare, and “Sajda Karu” were re-recorded by actor Salman Khan and Stebin Ben.

Though some songs were released unofficially due to intense pressure and demand from the public as they were originally recorded in Aslam’s voice.

One of the songs that were re-recorded by another singer was Kinna Sona, which became a topic of controversy as it was recorded by Atif Aslam originally for the movie Marjaavaan, but later replaced by Indian Singer Jubin Nautiyal.

The song was blended cover mix-and-match with heavy influence from Sufi Islamic Qawwali music from Pakistan – sung by NFAK.

T-series once released the original cover sung by Aslam on YouTube in June 2020 but was later forced to remove it and immediately issued an apology after various right-wing Indian nationalist parties and influencers led a campaign against it.


Five songs from the first two albums Aslam made – “Jal Pari” and “Doorie” were featured in two Hollywood movies. Three songs from the “Jal Pari” album namely – Ehsaas, Aadat, and Yakeen were featured in the 2005 film Man Push Cart by Ramin Bahrani which also won international awards and got praised by critics.

Maula” and “Doorie” songs from the second album were selected for the soundtrack of the movie Spanish Beauty in 2010.

He also sang two more songs – Mori Araj Suno and Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain in 2012 Mira Nair‘s film The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Acting career

Atif Aslam made his acting debut in a Pakistani movie Bol in 2011 along with a Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

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