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Azadi lyrics for the song Azadi from the underground hip-hop movie Gully Boy of 14 February 2019. See the lyrics for the woke song of the year for the youths.

Song Title:Azadi
Released:Feb 11, 2019
Label:Zee Music Company
Songwriter(s)DIVINE & Dub Sharma
Singer(s):DIVINE & Dub Sharma
Azadi Song

Azadi Lyrics, Song By Divine & Dub Sharma

Ho tera pinjra mein jaal ni khana
Parindeya ne udd jaana tera pinjra
Tera mukk jaana sara lana baana
Parindeya ne udd jaana tera pinjra x (2)

Freedom, freedom

Haan bahut baithe chup chaap
Kya ghante ka insaaf
Desh kaise hoga saaf
Inki neeyat mein hai daag
Sirf karte rahenge baat
Alag shakal wohi jaat
Vote milne par yeh khaas
Phir gayab poore saal
Haan mera bhai hai to
Noton ki sarkaar hai na
Note se banate apne beton ko
Yeh star hain na

Kitne bekaar kyun yeh
Aapas mein jhankar hai na
Baaki poora desh doobe
Inki naiya paar hai na
Achchi vidya chahiye
Achcha khaasa maal dena
Nal mein paani chahiye
Khade reh le line mein na
Zameen apni par note dikha kar sign lena
Drugs laaye yeh phir
Dhakel denge crime mein na

Akela insaan phir gaadi teri chaar kyun?
Ghar mein hai chaar phir rooms tere 8 kyun?
Paison se nai bante kudrat se hum khaas kyun?
Teri peedhi ka soch woh kaise lenge saans kyun?

Kya shu
Ek tarfa tarazo
Kya shu
Aa teri hansi mere aansu
Kya shu
Aa ghut ghut ke kyun saans loon
Kya shu
Usse dega kya hisaab tu?

Ho tera pinjra mein jaal ni khana
Parindeya ne udd jaana tera pinjra
Tera mukk jaana sara lana baana
Parindeya ne udd jaana tera..

Aa nahi ban’na mujhe Slumdog Millionaire
Yeh slumdog hai mission pe
Sidham ke keede chhode inke apne kafan pe
Bachpan se chhura rakha hai
Inhone apne gardan pe
Mastak mein yeh likhte galat
Seekhte galat, chheenkte halak

Par kisi ko parwah nahi
Yeh saitaan hain insaan nahi
Dharam ke naam pe kaam nahi
Dharam banaya insaan hi
Paison ke liye yeh tha sabhi
Dimaag lada kar jaan ke bhi
Dhasne laga tu kaan ka bhi
Istemaal kar tu zabaan ka bhi
An-dekha ka kyun hai jaan ke bhi
An-dekha ka kyun hai jaan ke bhi
Sachai mein tu sama kabhi
Achai se tu kama kabhi
Iss gandh ko karna saaf abhi
Iss gandh ko karna saaf abhi
Iss gandh ko karna saaf abhi

Kya shu
Ek tarfa tarazo
Kya shu
Aa teri hansi mere aansu
Kya shu
Aa ghut ghut ke kyun saans loon
Kya shu
Usse dega kya hisaab tu haan?

Haan, ho bolo azadi
Bolo azadi
Ho bolo azadi
Ho bolo azadi
Ho bolo azadi
Give me freedom

Azadi Song Review and Meaning

The title of this song was a bit inconvenient for me at first, because if you are from India you would know why I’m saying this.

There had been an incident in India in the past where few college students had protested against the nation itself in the name of ‘Azadi’ or Freedom. God knows what freedom do they want in a free democratic country.

Leaving the song title, let’s come to the song and see what it really means, so the meaning of ‘Azadi’ differs from time to time and place to place – A Statement was given in an interview by song composer and singer Dub Sharma (real name Siddharth) who worked alongside Divine on this song.

The listeners are free to interpret the meaning of the song in any way they want because just the way I was feeling uneasy with its title there were many journalists who asked the same question that does this song has any relation or intentions like those college students.

Divine images

Dub Sharma simply replied to the above text and also added that the meaning of the song will be all clear to everyone when the movie releases.

Now, leaving the political opinion behind, the Azadi term used in this song was a slap to every corrupt and intolerant system, be it government or any other system.

The song starts with chanting of slogans like “Bhukmari Se Azadi” which means freedom from hunger and another slogan “Bhed-Bhav Se Ajadi” meaning Freedom from injustice and inequality.

So the song doesn’t seem to be anyhow related to ‘the college students’ who caused chaos, but this one is rather more uplifting in terms of fighting and raising a voice against universal problems like hunger and inequality.

In the first verse of the music, Divine and Dub Sharma sing about how everyone is just keeping a silent mouth to all the injustice and discrimination happening all around us. He uses the term “Kya Ghante Ka Insaaf” which literally means there is no Justice and all the people and political leaders who have 24×7 slogans of bringing justice are nothing but full of crap.

He then says “Desh Kaise Hoga Saaf” meaning we all do want to see a nation with good values but if such things keep happening how do we clean this dirt out of our nation.

He then taunts almost every powerful person like politicians by saying “Inki Neeyat Meine Hai Daag, Alag Shakal Wahi Jaat” they all are just the same and their intentions aren’t any better than the other.

These politicians only care about you when the elections are near, they treat you that you are all that matters to them and after the elections, they forget you like you never really mattered in the first place.

Divine Rapper

The people who are powerful who have a lot of money, use their money to bring success out of their children, he clearly slaps the nepotism in every industry by saying “Noton Ki Sarkar Hai Na, Note Se Banate Apn Beto Ko Ye Star Hai Na” that literally means that they just buy fame and success without any talent for their talentless generations.

And this pushes down the real talents of the nation and takes their place without any effort just because they and their father got a lot of money to shove it into the corrupt people above.

The next verse sums up the internal disputes and no unity among people at all, which is the cause of the downfall of many great nations.

Next, he taunts the expensive system for everything whether you want to study good and the poverty as well singing “Nal Mein Paani Chahiye Khade Reh Na Line Mein Na” showing the poor side of the society where you have to wait in a long line to get water for your household.

“Zameen Apni Par Note Dikha Ke Sign Le Na” means how the powerful people buy not just lands but anything valuable from the poor-minded people, by offering them bribes.

The upcoming lines are my favorite they go like: ‘Akela Insaan Fir Gaadi Teri Chaar Kyun’ literally slapping the unnecessary luxury lifestyle of many rich people, that why do they buy stuff they can’t even use. Now a similar thing another rapper Tupac Shakur of the west had said in his lifetime.

“There are 5% of people who have the 95% of the resources of the world and there is 95% of the population that is living on the 5% of the resources.”

Also, that is why there are people who are living in villas and there are still people who don’t even have shelter over their heads, why is this injustice in this world?

Divine gully gang

He talks about his dream later in the next verse that his goal is not to be a slumdog millionaire as everyone thought about him instead he is on a very different mission that is going against the wrongs of the system.

In one breath, he speaks about the tactics used by the powerful evil people to shape the weeks into their slaves, it is a very philosophical thing to say by the way. He says, they have had their power over you since childhood and shape everyone’s mind in such a way that you serve the powerful and remain always under their control.

He further adds, that though other people can see this too nobody seems to care about it, these people are not humans but satans inside, and they all manipulate you in the name of religion but remember the man-made religion in the first place.

Then he taunts the religions a bit as well, that it all was just for money and power that the riches manipulated the weak played with their emotions, and made money out of it.

Then as the song comes to an end he encourages youths to fight against it by singing: “Dimaag Lada Kar Jaan Kabhi. Istemal Kar Jubaan Kabhi” He encourages the youth to see what’s been in front of you all along ‘The Truth’.

And fight and speak up against it, do not hold back. “Sachai Mein Tu Sama Kabhi, Achai Se Tu Kama Kabhi” meaning that takes the path of justice and truth and never indulge in wrongful acts.

Then, at last, he sings “Iss Gandh Ko Kar Na Saaf Abhi” meaning that right from this very moment starts to clean this dirt from yourself, from your surroundings, and from the nation.

So this is it, this is all for the review and meaning in this article of of the famous Azadi song by Dub Sharma and Divine in the movie Gully Boy.

Leave a comment down below if you liked our review and point of view on this song and let us know what you think about it too.

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