Badshah Biography: Life, Wife, Feuds, and Hits

Badshah is one of the top Bollywood singers and hip-hop rap artists. His song DJ Waley Babu was the biggest hit that made his career and made him a recognizable artist in India. This song paved the way to his career further in the hip-hop and the Bollywood music Industry.

Real name:Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia
Born:19 November 1985
Occupation:Singer, Rapper, Film producer, Businessman
Genre:Pop, Desi Hip Hop, Bollywood, Hip Hop
Label:T-Series, Zee Music Company, Sony Music India, Universal Music Group
Spouse(s):Jasmine (m. 2012)
Badshah Short Bio Data

Badshah Biography

Badshah’s real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, which is like three names combined, he was born on the 19th of November in the year 1985.

His nickname is known as Prince, and maybe that is why he put his stage name as Badshah, which means king by the way.

He is in the singing profession for a very long time and now he is a pro-rap artist worked on many Bollywood songs and release many hit singles and albums of his own.

let’s move on to more general and basic details like his height weight and all, hi height is approximately 178 cm or 1.78 in meters. Weight is however we are not sure of, but he does seem a little overweight for his age and height.

Dj Waley Babu Badshah Wallpaper

You can see his Kung-fu-Panda belly. Though some sources on the internet claim he weighs around 84 in kilograms or 185lbs in pounds.

The same sources claim his body measurements to be around:
Chest – 42 inches
Waist – 34 inches
Biceps – 16 inches

His eye color is black and so is his hair color, which is obvious but since it’s his biography I gotta write even these things.

As of 2021, Badshah is 35 years old and his birthplace is New Delhi, India. His zodiac sign is Scorpio and his nationality is Indian of course, and religion you can guess by his name: Hindusim.

He has done his schooling from the Bal Bharti Shcool in New Delhi near the Pitampura area. He has done his college university education from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi which reportedly he left after just one month.

His hobbies include: Watching Movies, traveling, shopping, spending time with his family. I know this pretty boring stuff in every biography, you maybe are here to read about his controversies with honey sing and related feuds he had. Scroll down to the bottom for that.

He married Jasmine in 2012 in a hush-hush ceremony (hush-hush simply means in a secretive way, which is quite good you know you must not reveal too much personal information, especially when you are the famous rapper Badshah of India).

Jasmine also got a fan name too, Ishi Boy Badsha, as Badshah’s fans call her. The two also welcomed their first baby daughter and named her Jessamy Grace Masish Singh in 2017. Badshah also has a sister, Aparajita Singh.

Facts About Badshah

badshah images

Many of you may have questions like “Does Badshah smokes?: Then your answer is here No he doesn’t smoke at all and neither does he drink alcohol, which is quite good for an individual and a better plus point than Honey Singh in health terms. You will realize later in the article why am I comparing both two.

You may also be surprised by knowing that Badshah was not the super cool stud kind of kid in his school days instead he was a studious child and had a very deep interest in the Mathematics subject during his school days.

I mean you can guess by his actual name that he was into learning and studying a lot: Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, doesn’t that sound like a book worm to you? it sure does to me, believe me, I was thinking about this very same thing before writing down this article.

He was also a part of his school’s music choir and had an interest in singing as well, well this one is not so surprising or a lesser-known fact about Badshah though.

Badshah got into music for his career during his college days when he was doing his college education and pursuing graduation from PEC University in Chandigarh.

Now this one is sure surprising for you, Badsahsh initially wanted to be an IAS officer but ended up being a rapper, which turned out pretty good for him and sees what I told you his name had book worm in it, and the fact that he wanted to be an IAS shows he was kind of deep into studies and let’s say book worm.

He started his career with the famous fellow rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and his formed band of rappers in 2012: Mafia Mundeer.

Many rappers had started with Honey Singhini internal days, and most of them are famous now like for example Raftaar and Badshah both started alongside Honey Singh and they both are quite famous now and apparently, they both later had some beef with Honey Singh himself.

The Getup Jawani song which was a huge hit had also a rap by Badshah in it. and in 2012 he had some fued with honey Singh and they both parted their ways.

Controversies and Fueds

badshah wallpaper

Badshah and Honey Singh had a good feud after honey Singh’s return to the Bollywood music industry and Hip-hop career. While on a promotional tour, a journalist asked Honey Singh that what is his next plan of action as the Bollywood industry had been taken over by Badshah in his absence

Honey Sigh made a controversial comment ” Rolls Royce chalayi hai apne kabhi, Rolls Royce or Nano mein Bahut Farq hota hai” and this here started the controversy between both two rappers and media got what they wanted, quite a cunning move by the reporter by the way.

Later that, Badshah responded to this insult by saying that Nano is present in huge numbers on the road while Rolls Royce is hardly ever seen and that is only in big cities, so in my opinion, it was a pretty childish comeback but maybe Badshah was trying to conclude that he has taken over in numbers and Honey Singh era is just lost now.

The fight didn’t stop in just media controversy but it was also reported that they faced each other at a friend’s party and a heated argument led them both to manhandle each other.

In August 2020, last year, Badshah paid a huge fine of Rs. 72 Lakh Rupees in order to gain more views on his release song music video: “Pagal Hai”

Badshah claimed that this song has broken the record of Taylor Swift and Korean band BTS of gaining the most views in 24 hours and that his song got over 75 million views in just 24 hours of release.

However, Google denied this fact and revealed the fake views and wrong practices by Badshah to Mumbai officials, and then it came to light that Badshah had been engaged in buying views and followers for gaining more views and followers and tricking algorithms of Instagram and youtube.

This is it, this is all about Badshah in this article of We believe we have covered all the important highlights of honey sing’s life as a rap artist.

If you would like to read about every inch of details about Badshah, then you should head over to the Wikipedia article.

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