Yo-Yo Honey Singh Biography: Life, Marriage & Divorce

Yo-Yo Honey Singh is the most influential rap artist during the last decade from 2000 to the year 2015. These were his most prominent years of career and success.

Real name:Hirdesh Singh
Born:15 March 1983 
Occupation:Singer, rapper, actor
Labels:Mafia Mundeer Records, T-Series
Honey Singh short Bio Data

Honey Singh Biography

Honey Singh or Hirdesh Singh was born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India on the 15th of March year 1983. As of 2021, Honey Singh is currently 38 years old and still a hip-hop artist, though these days his songs aren’t that of a big hit like they used to be in the early previous decade.

His Zodiac sign is known to be Pisces and his Nationality is Indian, though his religion is Sikhism and he has a deep connection with Punjab.

His hometown is in Delhi, India. Moving on to his schooling days, he went to Guru Nanak Public School in New Delhi near the Punjabi Bagh area.

He has done his university college studies from London in School of Trinity. This is the same school where he learned more about music. Some other basic details about him include, him being a non-vegetarian and alcoholic too, which led him to face Biopolar disorder disease later.

As of now, he is married but there is an interesting feud or say his controversy going on with his wife, Shalini Singh, who has accused Honey and his whole family of Heinous crimes.

She has filed for divorce with Honey Singh but they’re yet not married as of now, but they both seem to get separated from each other as soon as possible.

Shalini Talwar Singh and Honey Singh got married in 2011 and as of now, they are looking for a divorce from each other.

Honey Singh’s father, Saradar Sarabjit Singh, and mother Bhupinder Kaur, both belong to the Sikh religion.

Facts about Yo Yo Honey Singh

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Does Yo Yo Honey Singh drink alcohol?: You all may have this question but doesn’t it seem obvious that he does drink alcohol and has admitted that he was alcoholic which paved the way for his Bipolar disorder.

Honey Singh has been the highest ever paid Indian Singer/Rapper having made an income of whooping 70 Lakh Indian Rupees for just one song for the Bollywood movie Mastaan starring youth favorite actor Naseeruddin Shah and Vivaan Shah.

You may have wondered at least once that what does, “Yo-Yo” in Honey Singh’s name even mean? The Yo-Yo simply represents the term “Your Own” meaning Honey Singh is a people’s choice or peoples person who believes and credits the fans for his huge success.

Now the story goes that Honey Singh is a loving husband, well not anymore but it used to be a story back in the day, that he refused to shoot for his show “RAWstar” until his wife Shalini Talwar Singh came to the set, which shows that he’s a really good loving husband, but considering the recent acts, I think he was just acting like a maniac because that’s what bipolar disorder means: Extreme mood swings and emotional highs.

Back in the day, Honey Singh used to own a simple car: WagonR and as of now well we are not aware of how many and what type of cars he has in his garage.


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Honey Singh mostly sings in Hindi and Hindi-Punjabi mix, he sings mostly Rap songs but sometimes he had sung songs like Dheree Dheree that did well, though they also used a bit auto-tune which was catchable.

He released a track: Gabru from his album of November 11, 2011: International Villager, and surprisingly this track Gabru topped the Asian Music Charts as well as the Official BBC Asian Charts which was a great success for Honey Singh and fellow artist J-Star as this was just the start of their great career ahead.

Honey Singh’s collab with the Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh produced a song called ‘Lak 28 Kudi Da in 2011. This song was released as a promotional track for the film Lion of Punjab by Diljit Dosanjh and this very song reached No. 1 in the BBC Asian Download Charts in May 2011.

Contorversies and Feuds

After the dreadful act of the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape Case, Honey Singh’s song lyrics came into the spotlight and were depicted as against society and women. Because most of his song’s lyrics depicted violence against women and rape in a positive way and make it look a cool kind of thing.

An FIR was lodged against Honey Singh for his violent misogynist offensive lyrics and many social activists came into a group to demand the cancellation of his New Year stage performance at a hotel in Gurgaon, which later was canceled by the hotel accepting the demands of the social activist’s groups though Honey Singh denied writing anything offensive in his song lyrics.

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Later Honey Singh’s hit song “Party All Night” from the Movie Boss by Akshay Kumar releases on 16 October 2013 created huge controversy over a word used in the song that just means ‘ASS’, and the whole phrase in the song contains the ‘word’ mean ‘make us stop if you got guts’.

I believe this was all an unnecessary fuss over a small thing, I mean once hear the Western songs and if you have the same mindset for their songs too, you will be super pissed or if you don’t feel the same way about western songs then you are just a hypocrite wanna be a cool person.

Throughout time, there have been many conspiracies in Honey Singh’s life regarding his vulgar lyrics, he has often been perceived as being a misogynist and a very bad influence on the youth of India because youths were the majority of his fan following base.

He also had disputes with fellow rapper Raftar which I have covered in Raftaar’s Biography article, you can check that out too.

The most recent Fued Honey Singh had is with his wife, Shalini Talwar Singh, she filed a divorce and accused Honey Singh of domestic violence, sexual harassment by her father-in-law, mental harassment and cheating, and financial fraud also.

This is it, this is all about Honey Singh in this article of LyricsVan.com. We believe we have covered all the important highlights of Honey Singh ‘s life as a rap artist.

If you would like to read about every inch of details about Honey Singh, then you should head over to the Wikipedia article.

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