Juice WRLD: Full Biography, Life and Death

We all have heard of famous and young Juice WRLD, a rap artist from the United States but gained fame from all over the world.

In this article of LyricsVan.com, you will find out one of the most famous rap artists’ biography: Juice WRLD, who had an interesting lifestyle and a tragic death.

Birthday:December 2, 1998
Died at Age:21
Sun Sign:Sagittarius
Real Name:Jarad Anthony Higgins
Country:United States
Born In:Chicago, Illinois, Unites States
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Who was Juice WRLD?

He was a young artist, a rapper, a singer, and also a songwriter from the United States. His fame pumped up with the songs like: ‘All Girls are the same’ and ‘Lucid Dreams’

Lucid Dreams is one of his favorite songs as well, Just FYI.

He was born in a traditional family where he was not allowed to listen to modern hip-hop music during his early childhood days.

His interest in music got up with the rock music he used to listen to from video games while playing. He learned a few instruments too, like the Piano followed by Guitar, and then Trumpet as well.

In his sophomore year, Juice started to rap in high school. He used to release his tracks on Soundcloud in his initial days. Soundcloud is an internet music streaming platform in case you didn’t know.

At first, he set his stage name as Juicethekid but later change it to JUICE WRLD.

In the early stages of his career, he was signed with ‘Internet Money’ and ‘999‘ was his first big debut success.

‘Lucid Dreams’ is the first song that entered the ‘Billboard’ chart in the United States, but sadly his life journey ended with a tragic incident at Chicago’s Midway International Airport.

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Childhood & Early Life

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Juice Wrld was born on 2nd December 1998, in Chicago and his real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins. He spent most of his childhood in Illinois, Chicago.

His parents divorced when he was only three years old. His mother took care of him, Juice grew up with his mother and had an elder brother too.

His schooling days were spent in ‘Homewood-Flossmoor High School’, this is where he had his early education.

The juice wasn’t allowed to listen to hip hop at all since his mother was strictly quite religious and conservative.

He first got introduced to Rock music via video games like ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater‘ and ‘Guitar Hero’.

He started learning Piano at just the age of 4, and later took guitar and drums lessons also, and not to forget he also played trumpet for his class band.


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His career was shaped first by listening to bands like ‘Black Sabbath,’ ‘Blink 182,’ and ‘Panic at the Disco.’ Basically all pop and rock music.

He started focusing and getting serious about his career in the music and rap industry when he has in his freshman year of high school.

His career first took flight when Juice released his first track on ‘Soundcloud’ with his previous stage name ‘Juicethekid’ in 2015, he had recorded this track on his mobile phone, as we are informed.

He changed his name to Juice WRLD in a tribute to late American Rapper Tupac Shakur, or famously known as 2Pac. He was also a young rap artist, got killed by some gang in 1996.

His first project was released in January of 2016, called ‘Juiced Up The EP’ having singles in it such as ‘Too Smooth.’

‘All girls are the Same’ and ‘Lyrical Lemonade’ were the best two songs he released in December 2017, that were highly popular and admired by critics and fans.

The song Lucid Dreams he released in 2018 May became a lot popular than all his other songs and got ranked number 3 on the ‘Billboard’ chart, along with this it was also among the most streamed songs of 2018.


Juice WRLD wasn’t married but had a girlfriend named Alexa. As of now, her Instagram handle is @allylotti, she still (2021) posts some images and videos of her with Juice WRLD after his death (2019).


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The young Chicago Rapper Juice WRLD took his SoundCloud to massive stardom almost overnight and that is all at just the age of 21. Juice WRLD was a natural artist but his addiction to substances caused him his young life.

Before his death, all his friends and family were aware of the increasingly alarming addiction of his drug intake, and the boarded private jet in December 2019 became the last flight of his young life.

Juice WRLD or Anthony Higgins, according to his birth certificate, was known to struggle and told about his battles with drugs like Xanax and Percocet, both prescription drugs.

His mental health in general was not either in a very good state.

He revealed during a radio interview, that drugs have been his habit since high school, his freshman year to be specific.

Before he took that last flight, he went back to Chicago from Los Angeles, along with a few of his friends to celebrate his 21st birthday.

In just the time span of 3 years, Juice WRLD had found huge success from releasing songs to SoundCloud to becoming a successful tender-voiced hip-hop artist.

‘Death Race for Love’ was debuted at BIllboard’s chart for the number one rank, one of his albums he released almost nine months before his death.

As 2019 came near his friends became more worried about him and his increasingly alarming drug addiction. His friends had stated that he used to often act normal to get high again, and used to do drugs with many different people.

When the plane landed in Chicago on December 8, early in the morning, the authorities teemed the private jet, known to have gotten a tip that some illegal guns and drugs were in that jet.

The authorities searched two luggage carts where they found a lot of bags of weed, many prescription codeine cough syrup, and reportedly three guns with some metal-piercing bullets.

Juice suffered a severe seizure and died during transporting him to Advocate Christ Medical Center.

The Cook County Medical Examiner explained the cause of death as an accidental drug overdose of drugs like codeine and oxycodone.

His death was quite tragic, many new young and famous adults have been reported dead some by accidents mostly by drug abuse, this is really tragic to know that so many talented young ones are leaving this world this soon.

Let us know you were a fan of Juice WRLD and which of his song you liked the most, also if you would like to share anything about Juice WRLD with us.

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