Lut Gaye Lyrics | Lut Gaye Song Lyrics & Meaning by Jubin Nautiyal And Emraan Hashmi

Lut Gaye Lyrics are sung by Jubin Nautiyal in the song and lead actor Emraan Hashmi in the video. See the Lut Gaye song lyrics and repeat and sing the song for fun.

Song Title:Lut Gaye
Singer:Jubin Nautiyal
Song Writer:Jubin Nautiyal, Manoj Muntashir
Release Date:February 17, 2021
MusicTanishk Bagchi
LabelTseries Music
Star CastEmraan Hashmi, Yukti Thareja
Lut Gaye song lyrics by jubin nautiyal

Lut Gaye Lyrics

Maine Jb देखा Tha Tujko
Raat Bhi Wo याद Hai Mujhko
Taare Ginte Ginte सो गया

Dil Mera धड़का Tha कस Ke
Kuch कहा Tha Tune हस Ke
Main Usi पल Tera Ho गया

आसमानों Pe Jo Khuda Hai
Usse Meri Yahi दुआ Hai
चांद Ye Har रोज़ Main Dekhu
Tere साथ Mein

Aankh Uthi मोहब्बत Ne अंगड़ाई Li
Dil Ka सौदा Hua चांदनी Raat Me
Oh Teri नजरो Ne Kuch Aisa जादू Kiya
Lut गए Hum To पहली Mulakaat Me
Oh आंख Uthi

पांव Rakhna Na जमीन Par
Jaan रुक Ja Tu घड़ी Bhar
थोड़े Taare Toh बिछा Du
Main Tere वास्ते

आजमाले Mujhko Yaara
Tu Jaraa Sa Kar इशारा
Dil जला Ke Jagmaga Du
Main Tere रास्ते

Haan मेरे Jaisa Ishq Me पागल
Fir मिले Ya Na Mile Kal
Sochna Kya Hath Ye देदे
मेरे Hath Me

Aankh Uthi Mohabbat Ne अंगड़ाई Li
Dil Ka सौदा Hua Chandani Raat Me
Oh Teri Nazaro Ne कुछ Aisa जादू Kiya
लुट गए Hum To Pehli Mulakaat Mein
Oh आंख Uthi

Haan Kisse मोहब्बत Ke
Hai Jo किताबो Me
सब Chahta Hoon Main
Sang Tere दोहराना

कितना Jaroori Hai
Ab Meri खातिर Tu
मुश्किल Hai Mushkil Hai
Lafzo Me Keh पाना

Ab To Ye आलम Hai
Tu जान Mange To
Main Shaunk Se देदू
सौगात Me

आंख Uthi Mohabbat Ne अंगड़ाई Li
Dil Ka Sauda Hua Chandani Raat Me
Oh Teri नजरो Ne Kuch Aisa jadu Kiya
लुट गए Hum To पहली Mulakaat Me
Oh आंख Uthi

Lut Gaye Song Review

This song ‘Lut Gaye’ by singer Jubin Nautiyal and featuring Emraan Hashmi and Yukti Thareja is a love romantic single that had been quite viral on Twitter on its release and is loved by fans all over India and other neighboring countries as well.

There have been various memes on this song as well, which went viral on almost every social media platform and many reels and YouTube shorts were also made by many content creators on the internet.

In the song video, we see the story of a young man who is escaping from a terrorist attack in Mumbai (Directors of the song revealed that this song was based on a true story of a Mumbai policeman: Vijay Dandekar).

While escaping the goons he accidentally enters a hotel room where a wedding was planned, by the scenes it looked like a rich marriage though (just my personal observation).

The directors of the music video ‘Lut Gaye’ are Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, this duo has made many classic blockbuster music videos together.

This song is Emraan Hashmi’s second-best single after the release of Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon in the year 2015 with lead actress Esha Gupta in the music video.

Fans loved the song so much and started tweeting about how awesome the song is, and the #lutGaye hashtag went pretty viral on Twitter.

Many fans also complemented singer Jubin Nautiyal by comparing his voice to legendary singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

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Hidden Facts About The ‘Lut Gaye’ song

Lut Gaye song Yukti Thareja
Yukti Thareja
1. Emraan Hashmi didn’t practice for the dance steps.

In the interview and interaction with the directors of the ‘Lut Gaye’ song, it was revealed that the team did not call Emraan Hashmi for petty dance steps as they didn’t want to disturb the actor over few small dance steps.

But when Emraan Hashmi arrived on the set, they revealed that he loved the dance steps and showed good interest in learning and performing the dance sequences with the team.

They added further that he didn’t need to practice a lot and perfected the dance steps enough for the shoot of the song with just a few rehearsals.

2. Vijay Dandekar became an encounter specialist after such incident.

As I mentioned earlier in brackets, the director tells us that this story in the song is based on a true event and the role played by Emraan Hashmi is of Vijay Dandekar, one of the best encounter specialists of Mumbai Police.

They added that he was an undercover cop before such an incident and later became an encounter specialist after meeting the love of his life.

3. Emraan Hashmi instantly fell in love with this song.

Emraan Hashmi is known for his sharp style and would always instantly decide if he wants to do the act or not after the narration of his role.

The directors revealed that Emraan Hashmi was quite impressed with the plotline and felt that the story was fantastic.

4. Fans were fascinated by the story.

The music video of the ‘Lut Gaye’ song reveals the real story of Vijay Dandekar in small chunks. The fans were immensely impressed with the storyline.

One of the reasons for the song going viral is just because it was Romantic Story and it’s India, Romance and Action performs a lot better than any other genre here.

On top of that, the directors of the song also revealed that this was based on a true story that added a cherry on the top.

Many fans were just happy to see Emraan Hashmi in the music video as he doesn’t do many movies or actively acts in films or shoots that much.

So here ends the article about the ‘Lut Gaye’ song hope you liked the review of the song and learned some new facts that were maybe hidden from you earlier.

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