Sher Aaya Sher Lyrics, Meaning, and Review

Sher Aaya Sher lyrics for all the upcoming and amateur rappers out there for practicing this song to hone your rap game: Gully Boy Sher Aaya Sher lyrics.

Title:Sher Aaya Sher
Released:Mar 4, 2019
Label:Zee Music Company
Movie:Gully Boy
Cast:Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Siddhant Chaturvedi
Sher Aaya Sher

Sher Aaya Sher Lyrics

Sher ki zubani
Sun yeh shehar ki kahani
Yahan rap nahi hota tere wahem ko bhagadi
Ladkiyan na gaadi apni alag hai abaadi
Asal rap ka yeh jwala tere aathma mein jagadi
Kyun ki farak hai, tujhe chedney ki talab hai
Tu nakli wala marad
Mardaangi pe kalank
Hawainiyat ki shakal
Jitni tujh mein garmi usse zyada garam mera kalam
Kyu itna besharam?
Kya kaam ka wo aaj jis mein tera kal nahi
Kya kaam ka wo kaam jisme tu safal nahi
Bal nahi
Dimaag ki zaroorat.. Tere bhai ki hukumath..
Sachai ki yeh surat

Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher
Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher
Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher

Sachai ki yeh leher, har mauhalle mein kehar

Dadagiri bandh kar tu chal tho sambalkar
Khudko tu dhoond ke tu usko amal kar
Nakli guroor usko masalkar
Nakli wajood usko kuchalkar

Zara Kam kar shaanegiri Kam kar
zara kam kar yeh lukhey giri Kam kar
Thanda kar jo bhukhaar tere sar par Kam kar
Guroor yeh Khatam kar!

Zara Kam kar shaangiri
Kam kar zara kam kar yeh lukhey giri Kam kar
Thanda kar jo bhukhaar tere sar par Kam kar
Guroor yeh Khatam kar!

Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher
Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher
Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher

Sachai ki yeh leher, har mauhalle mein kehar

Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher
Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher
Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher
Bhaag bhaag Bhaag
Aya sher, Aya sher

Sher Aaya Sher Song Review and Meaning

Sher Aaya Sher song video starts out with a college music fest or stage performance where at first a girl can be seen singing her melodious songs but two bratty attitude boys of the college mock her song and tease her with different names and criticize her song.

Ultimately she stops in the middle and leaves the stage, that is when MC Sher steps into the stage. MC Sher is a character in the film: Gully Boy played by Siddhant Chaturvedi.

Then he asks about what’s the problem with the lady’s song what do these brats want? then the reply comes by the boys that the song is not (Hard = simply a slang in the movie for badass).

Gully boy Divine

MC Sher accepts their request and goes like “Let me show what hard is” he starts his rap, Sher Aaya Sher. The boys initially think they are cool and like the song, but as the song proceeds with its lyrics they realize that MC is actually taunting and mocking their behavior with the lyrics and this is then the brat boys leave the area.

And, the public goes crazy for MC Sher, and this is the exact moment when the lead role of Ranveer Singh in the movie gets to know about Rap and becomes an apprentice of MC Sher.

So let’s break down the lyrics and see what MC Sher actually meant by the lyrics of Sher Aaya Sher, the song lyrics are by Divine, by the way, a Mumbai-based underground rapper.

The lyrics start with “sher ki jubani sun ye sher ki kahani” it simply means listening to the story of a lion-man, meaning a badass man in his own words.

“Yahan rap nahi hota tere behan ko bhaga di” meaning that this is not where a person raps and someone has chased off the sister, this may not make sense to you so let me explain.

As I mentioned earlier that in the music video the two brat boys criticize the girl and she leaves, so this is to mention that, this is not a place to rap and you guys chased off the pity girl.

“Ladkiyan na gaadi, apni alag hi abadi” – This line is a mock to all the so-called rap artists and song videos where all you see is luxury cars and a lot of girls around and the music is totally shit. It literally means that our rap gang is different from others there are “No Cars, No women, we have our own different breed of the population”.

“Asal Rap Ka Jawala Tere aatma mein jaga di” – I’ve ignited the burning fire of the rap music inside you all. I really don’t know what this means, maybe he’s saying that I’m so good at my game that you all wanna hear me.

Gully boy MC Sher

“Kyun Ki Farak Hai, Tujhe Chedne Ki Talab Hai” – He concludes that there is a huge difference, you just want to tease and criticize girls. “Tu Nakli Wala Marad, Maradangi Pe Kalank Hai” You are the ones who pretend to be men by dominating girls and feel powerful, you are just a shame to us and nothing more.

This is a hard slap to the boys who criticized and chased the girl who was singing there before MC Sher, this is the moment they start to realize that this song is actually to show them an image of themselves in front of everyone.

“Haiwaniyat Si Shakal, Jitnin Tujme Garmi Usse Jada Garam Mera Kalam” Now this line here directly criticizes them on their looks saying you look nothing more than some devils and the term “Garmi” depicts their rudeness here.

So MC Sher sings my pen or says my lyrics have more “Garmi” or attitude than you boys can ever have. It shows the power of words.

“Kyu Itna Besharam Kya Kaam Ka Wo Aaj Jisme Tera Kal Nahi” He is now asking them why so rude what’s the point and what’s the point of a Today which doesn’t help you make your Tomorrow. Quite a philosophical question right there.

The philosophical question continues with “Kya Kaam Ka Wo Kaam Jisme Tu Safal Nahi” – What’s the purpose of doing something in which you never gonna succeed or in other words what’s the point of doing something that has no good result.

Now the next lines seem to be put there just because it’s rhyming and sounds badass it goes like “Bal Nahi, Dimaag Ki Jarurat, Tere Bhai Ki Hukumat, Schai Ki Ye Surat”. The only meaning I can derive out of it is him taunting the boys they’re idiots without brains, and the world needs more people like MC Sher himself for teaching such people the right values.

Divine photos

Then comes, the epic line of the song Bhaag Bhaag Sher Aaya this is when literally in the video those two boys feel humiliated and leave the campus area. So this is a taunt to them that you idiots should leave there is a Lion in here.

So the rest of the song is basically about society and how MC Sher thinks about the wrongs been going on in our society and what changes should he and the people bring.

So the line where he says that his rap and his rap gang are totally a different breed, was true because you can notice that from his lyrics.

Or let’s talk about the real MC Sher here, that is the real-life Gully Boy of hip hop world, by whom the movie was inspired and made.

The rappers: Divine and Naezy. If you ever come across the rap songs of these two or any of the underground rappers of Delhi or Mumbai, you will realize they hardly rap about girls, cars, or luxury.

Their rap songs are always meaningful and not just some BS put together to sound good and sell just to make money. It’s their passion to rap and they mostly rap about meaningful things in life.

So this is all in this article of If you like my review and my point of view on the underground rap game of India, then leave a comment down below about your review, your point of view.

Also, share this article with your fellow rapper friends or amateurs who want to find more about rapping and learn it’s not just cars and girls, rap art is more than that.

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