2 Earthlike Planets Spotted  Star System

In Newly Discovered Nearby

A Planetary System

With two Earthlike planets has been discovered only 33 light-years away from us. 

This Exciting Solar System Is One

Of the nearest to Earth and was spotted by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) in October 2021.

It Took Several Months For Scientists

To confirm that the periodic dips in the brightness of the star HD 260655 were caused by orbiting planets 

The Scientists Were Finally Able To

Announce the discovery at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Pasadena, California, on June 16. 

The Neighboring Solar System

Contains "at least" two rocky planets the size of our Earth, but neither of these is likely to host life

The Planets Orbit 

A so-called M dwarf star, which is about 10 times smaller than the sun.

Scientists Discover 

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