2022 Space Events: NASA  Launches, Meteor Showers

Moon Mission, SpaceX

In Just 365 Days

We witnessed the genesis of trailblazing achievements such as the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, SpaceX's Inspiration 4, which remarkably sent civilians into outer space,

And The Applause Filled

sendoff of NASA's planetary defense prototype, DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), to name just a few.

We Received

Incredible images from Mars rover Perseverance and its helicopter buddy, Ingenuity,

And Learned More Than

We once thought possible about exoplanets and faraway stars in the galaxy

The SPACEX Company Sent

 49 Starlink satellites into Earth's orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, bringing its grand satellite total to just under 2,000.

Starlink Is SpaceX's

endeavor to bring low-cost wireless internet connectivity to remote locations by placing thousands of satellites into orbit.

The Electric Ford F-150  The U.S. Market

Truck Is About To Hit