5 Nothing Phone(1) Features 

That Should Scare Apple

At First Glance

The design looks very similar to the iPhone, but in reality, it couldn't be any more different.

Glyph Interface

The Glyph Interface is a series of lights that correspond to the phone's functions. You can customise the lights to flash in certain ways for different callers, notifications and charge

The Design

Design looks similar to the iPhone with its thin body and curved corners. The Nothing (1) sports an Aluminum frame that is far lighter than the Stainless Steel that Apple uses in the iPhone.

Camera: The Nothing Phone

Boasts a 50mp camera, with dual lenses and a wide-angle sensor that gives it a 140-degree field of view. When it comes to recording, the phone shoots at 60fps and in 4K. 

NFTs: the Phone(1) Has Taken the

Art phenomenon into account and has special settings designed specifically for your NFTs. Phone(1) has special widgets designed to display your NFTs on your home screen

Sustainability: with All the Aluminium

And Tin used in the phone being completely recycled, which makes it first smartphone company in the industry to do this. 50% of the the plastic used in the phone is also Bio Plastic. 

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