The Starlink Satellite  You $5,000 a Month

Internet for Boats Will Cost

Starlink Has Launched Versions Of

Its dish for boats, ships and yachts, merely a few days after the FCC gave it permission to provide internet service to vehicles. 

Starlink Maritime Can Deliver Up to

350 Mbps download speeds, which isn't bad at all for boats that didn't have an internet connection to begin with.

However, It Doesn't

Come cheap: The hardware alone will set customers back $10,000, which they have to pay for up front. 

The Service Itself

Costs $5,000 a month, though like Starlink for RVs, customers can pause it when it's not in use. 

They Can Choose Which Billing

Cycle to begin their pause, but they'll still have to pay for the full month whenever they switch the service on.

In Comparison

The residential Starlink setup's hardware costs only $599, while the service costs $110 a month. 

GameStop Is Laying Off 

Staff and Has Fired Its CFO