A Long Solar Flare Just  Is Stunning

Erupted from the Sun and It

The Sun Flexed Its Considerable

Magnetic muscles today (June 13), and two solar spacecraft captured the show on video.

Earth's Star Unleashed Long-Duration

Solar flare early this morning, blasting high-energy radiation into space for about three hours.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory

Which has been studying the sun from Earth orbit since 2010, observed the dramatic event in multiple wavelengths.

The Flare

Registered as an M3.4, putting it in the "medium" class of solar outburst.

It Was Strong Enough

However, to cause temporary radio blackoutsin the Asia-Pacific region here on Earth. 

This Morning's Flare Was Also

Associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME), a huge cloud of superheated plasma that rockets away from the sun at tremendous speeds.

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