A massive comet and  night sky this week

supermoon will light up the

An enormous comet

 is cruising through our solar system, which coincides with a so called supermoon

The comet, named

 C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) and nicknamed K2, is estimated to be about 18 to 100 miles wide.

Astronomers from NASA

 expect it to make its closest approach towards Earth on July 13 with the most visibility on July 14

The K2 comet was first detected

 through the Hubble Space Telescope in May 2017 between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus-about 2.4 billion kilometers from the sun

The K2 comet

 is believed to have originated from the Oort Cloud,

NASA experts speculate

 most long-period comets meteors that take more than 200 years to complete their orbit around the sun

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