Meet a Robot That Could Crawl 

Through Extraterrestrial Caves

Exploring Beneath the Surface

Of other planets may be the key to determining whether life has ever existed outside of Earth.

A Robot Named

ReachBot may become the first explorer to crawl inside Martian caves to search for microbes.

ReachBot Is a Concept

For a machine about the size of a toaster oven with multiple extendable arms.

The Extendable Arms

Could help it crawl through treacherous Martian caves the way Spider-Man swings through a city.

The Bot Would Connect

To a surface rover that could provide power, analyze cave samples and relay photos back to Earth.

The ReachBot Team Has

Received funding to build and test a prototype in caves on Earth similar to what might be encountered on Mars.

If ReachBot Becomes Its Own

Mission, it will likely rely on a larger, more capable robot -- like a rover -- to access the caves it will explore.

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