A Solar Tornado Large  Earth' Explodes on the Sun

Enough to 'Swallow the

As We near the Peak

Of the current solar cycle, also known as the solar maximum, in 2023, the Sun is getting more active than ever.

Just Last Week

On June 21, a gigantic 20,000 kilometers wide solar tornado was spotted erupting on the surface of the Sun. 

This Tornado

Was so huge, it was claimed that the vortex of the tornado could swallow the entire Earth.

Usually Such Solar Eruptions

Are part of solar flares or coronal mass ejections (CME) that often trigger solar storms on our planet. 

While a Solar Tornado in Itself

Is not dangerous, there was a risk that it could send powerful solar storms in the direction of the Earth. 

The Solar Prominence That Caused

The tornado works exactly like a solar flare where a part of sun undergoes combustion and burst waves of solar material to the outer atmosphere.

Huge Sunspot Facing  Solar Storms, Auroras

Earth! Set to Trigger