A Violent Nova Stellar  Energy Gamma-Rays

Explosion Produces Highest-

A Small, Dense Star Chowing

Down on its enormous dying neighbor caused a massive explosion that generated some of the highest-energy gamma-rays ever observed for a nova.

The Nova System, Called RS Ophiuchi

Produced the extremely high-energy gamma-rays during its latest thermonuclear explosion, observed by astronomers at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich in August 2021. 

Located 5,000 Light-Years Away

From Earth in the constellation Ophiuchus, RS Ophiuchi comprises one red giant star and one white dwarf that exist in a parasitic relationship called a recurrent nova system.

The Dense White Dwarf Absorbs

Hydrogen gas shed from the red giant's outer later, eventually acquiring so much material that the white dwarf overheats and erupts in a massive thermonuclear explosion called a nova. 

This Occurs Cyclically

In recurrent nova systems, and for RS Ophiuchi, a cycle lasts approximately 15 years.

The Explosion Created Shock Waves

That accelerated particles to nearly the speed of light. Based on these observations, scientists now theorize that "gamma-rays emanate from energetic protons, nuclei of hydrogen atoms,".

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