New Mega Asteroid   Empire State Building

Almost Twice Size Of The

New Mega Asteroid

 almost twice size of the Empire State Building will make ‘close approach’ in WEEKS

The discovery of this star which has been nicknamed 'Earendel' sets a new benchmark for NASA as the star was formed in the first billion years after the Universe was formed.

Nasa Is Keeping An Eye

on Asteroid 418135 (2008 AG33), which it expects to shoot past our planet on April 28.

The US Space Agency

 has listed the asteroid on its Near Earth Object Close Approaches table.

The Asteroid's Predicted Size

also makes it almost as big as the tallest building on Earth.

Large Fast-Moving Space

 objects that come within 4.65 million miles of Earth are considered to be "potentially hazardous" by cautious space organizations.

The Good News

 is that the mega asteroid isn't expected to hit Earth.

The Big Asteroid Is Predicted

to travel past us at a speed of just over 23,000 miles per hour.

How A Rocket Crash On  Impact Physics

The Moon Will Help