Airbnb Offers $10 Mn  Places to Stay

to Build Craziest

The Airbnb Inc. Is Running

A $10 Million offer for the creation of most unique and wackiest properties to stay for a night anywhere on earth.

Breakdown of the $10 Million

Airbnb will be offering a $100k to 10 people with a task to create unforgettable stays for the Airbnb customers.

The Application Form States

The designs for the wackiest stays must possess a wow factor, environment friendly and also a deadline of august 2023

American Designer Iris Apfel And

Sydney-based architect Koichi Takada are two of the few judges to select and decide the winner of the wackiest designs.

Despite Higher Gas Prices

And higher flight cancellation rates, Airbnb is confident that this summer will be one of the best they have ever seen.

Airbnb calls it The OMG! Fund

It's a new plan to highlight unique destinations for the tourists like the Big Idaho Potato Hotel in Boise, Idaho, 

NASA Aims For Nuclear

Power Project On Moon