Amazon Alexa Can  Voices Now

Speak In Dead One's

Amazon Alexa New Update Makes

It possible for the AI device to speak in anyone's voice, experience nostalgia by hearing to a loved ones voice

Using a Short Recording Of

Someone's voice, Alexa can lear to mimic it. Alexa can read you a story in your grandmother's voice if you wish.

Amazon Announced Alexa

Had the ability to adopt the voices of public figures – such as Samuel L. Jackson's recognizable voice 

Another New Update Is That

You don't have to say "Hey, Alexa" to continue conversing with Alexa, you can make request to alexa without "Hey Alexa"

Alexa Update Has Hunches

About your routine, and will notice if you ask to turn on and off lights at the same time every day. 

Alexa Thinks Before She Speaks

If you ask Alexa to buy flowers for their wife, she will infer a romantic relationship and suggest buying red roses

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