Amazon Alexa Creeps  of the Dead

Out Internet With Voices

It All Starts with an Update

By Amazon to its voice-assistant product 'Alexa' to develop more human like emotions like "Empathy" for the user.

The Update Simply Mimics

Anyone's voice with the help of just a short recording of the person's voice you want Alexa to mimic.

You Can Listen to a Bedtime Story

In your grandmothers' voice if you wish. That's how Amazon displayed the Voice-Mimic feature at a presentation.

Along with Your Grandmother

Alexa has the ability to mimic voices of some famous public figures like Samuel L. Jackson (their consent provided)

The New Alexa Update

However, feels creepy and Morbid to some people on the internet, listening to dead voices isn't fun for all.

Think About The Mischiefs

That can be caused with this feature of Alexa to mimic voices, maybe not harmful, but worth a few million views on YouTube.

TikTok Becomes Creators' 

Money Machine