Amazon Signed Record  For KIM

Breaking Project Deals

Rides Booked

Amazon has booked rides to space for the majority of its internet-satellite megaconstellation

Company Announced On April 5

Tt has signed contracts for up to 83 launches, which will loft the bulk of Amazon's 3,236 "Project Kuiper" internet satellites

Company Representatives Said

The package of deals is "the largest commercial procurement of launch vehicles in history,"

Amazon Has Secured

18 launches of Arianespace's Ariane 6 rocket, 38 flights of ULA Vulcan Centaur and 12 missions of Blue Origin's

Unlike The Falcon

The rockets that Amazon just picked to launch the Project Kuiper satellites aren't yet up and running.

OneWeb Internet Sarellites

Elon Musk's company recently signed on to launch OneWeb internet satellites that were originally supposed to fly on Russian-built Soyuz rockets.

Amazon Launch Plans

Amazon plans to launch two Project Kuiper prototype craft later this year on ABL Space Systems' RS1 rocket

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