Amazon’s $4,000 Abortion  Overturned

Benefit as Roe V Wade

Amazon Has Granted

The $4,000 worth medical benefits to travel for out-os-state health care including for abortion.

These Benefits

Will be available for million plus Americans who work for Amazon.


Is the country's 2nd largest private sector employer after Walmart.

Amazon Announced

These benefits on 2nd May 2022 just before the Supreme Court's draft on Roe v Wade leaked.

Amazon Feared and Reacted

In the May it self as in the US, 13 states have Triggered Law, that means Supreme Court's decision will be final.

Many Tech

Companies feared of 'Brain Drain', as people may plan relocating to other states.

And Hence These

Big companies have offered various benefits to their employees amid Roe v Wade decision.

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