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Amber Heard: All Lies

Under Legal Trouble

Amber Heard case keeps getting crazier. She is now being probed by LAPD for crime of perjury.

What Is Perjury?

Perjury is the a crime of lying to the court under oath. In state of California, perjury has a penalty of 2-4 years in prison

And The Reason

She is being investigated for perjury that she lied to the court during her divorce with Johnny Depp

Fake Bruises With Makeup

She claimed she was abused by Johnny Depp but many people looked at the photos and believe it's makeup and not bruises.

She Actually Punched Him

She also told the court she never touched Johnny Depp at all but a leaked audio proves that she did.

She Even Cheated Him

People are saying infidelity caused the divorce, Johnny Depp came out saying Amber Heard had affair with James Franco 

Amber Heard Also Lied

About donating 7 million dollars she got from Johnny Depp divorce settlement but actually didn't

Eminem Dissed A  He Sued Him

Childhood Bully So Bad