Another Crypto Robbery

of $100 Million

A Cryptocurrency Bridge

Got robbed by hackers, lost about $100 million, hackers used a new key vulnerability to attack the blockchain ecosystem.

The Horizon Bridge Crypto Exchange

Was attacked on Thursday morning (23 July). They tweeted later that the government is helping Horizon to find the culprits.

The Horizon Robbery

Marks the 3rd major bridge hack this year by hackers. Horizon offers transfer of funds between Ethereum and Binance.

Bridges Are Particularly

Vulnerable to hacks, as their technology is complex and they are often run by anonymous teams. 

Bridges Allow Users to Transfer

Funds from one exchange to another, but due to their vulnerabilities, they've become a prime target for hackers

This Is the Third Robbery

Followed by the $600 Million And $320 Million Stolen from Ronin Network and Wormhole respectively in a single year.

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