Apple and Android Phones  Spyware, Says Google

Hacked by Italian

An Italian Company’s Hacking

Tools were used to spy on Apple and Android smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan, Alphabet Inc’s Google said.

Milan-Based RCS Lab

Whose website claims European law enforcement agencies as clients, developed tools to spy on private messages

Google Said It Had Taken

Steps to protect users of its Android operating system and alerted them about the spyware, known as Hermit.

Analysis of Hermit Showed That

It can be employed to gain control of smartphones, recording audio, redirecting calls, and much more.

Google and Lookout

Noted the spyware spreads by getting people to click on links in messages sent to targets.

Lookout Researchers Said

“Hermit tricks users by serving up the legitimate webpages of the brands it impersonates as it kickstarts malicious activities in the background,”

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