Apps and Advertisers Are 

Coming for Your Lock Screen

Your Phone’s Lock Screen

Is the hottest new real estate in tech. Apple made the iPhone’s lock screen a centerpiece of iOS 16.

iOS 16 Lockscreen

Are becoming another surface on which companies can put information, apps, and even ads.

A Lock Screen Content Company

(Which apparently is a thing!) is already in talks with US carriers and plans to launch on some Android phones in the US

The Competition for Your Eyeballs

And attention has already come out of apps and onto your home screen, through widgets and notifications

Apple Has Echoed This Idea

Talking about how it sees a more feature-rich lock screen as a way to help you use your phone less

Apple’s Software Chief Referred

To the lock screen as “the face of your phone,” and said that features like Live Activities could make it easier to get quick information.

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