An iPhone Subscription  All-Recycled iPhone

Service: A Step Toward

iPhone Monthly Fee

Apple is developing a subscription plan that would let customers pay a monthly fee for an iPhone rather than buy it outright.

Recycled Materials Goal

A leasing program could help Apple move closer to its goal of creating an iPhone completely sourced from recycled materials, all while convincing users to upgrade their phone every year.

Upgraded Newest Model

Leasing is an easier upgrade for fans to the newest model without swallowing the high lum-sum prices like $699 iPhone 13 $1k Pro Max.

Recycle iPhones Through Apple

The offering could include the option to swap out older devices for newer models, giving iPhone shoppers an incentive to recycle old iPhones through Apple.

Monthly Calculation Charge

The iPhone 13 Pro costs $999, or roughly $27 or $41 per month, depending on whether you agree to a 24-month or 36-month commitment through Apple or wireless carriers

Offer For An iPhone Upgrade Plan

which lets users get a new iPhone every year after covering the device's cost in 12 monthly payments. It starts at $35.33 per month and includes AppleCare Plus coverage.

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