Apple Watch Series 8  You Have a Fever

May Be Able to Detect If

The Next Apple Watch

Will reportedly include a body temperature sensor that will warn you when you’re coming down with a fever

The Series 8 Won’t Provide

An exact reading, but it could send a notification that prompts you to see a doctor or use a dedicated thermometer.

This Isn’t the First

Time Gurman has brought up the possibility of the Series 8 including a temperature sensor. 

Gurman Says He Believes The

Feature is “a go” for the standard Series 8 and the oft-rumored rugged edition Apple is creating for extreme athletes.

Other Changes to Series 8

“will probably be minor.” Suggesting the wearable will feature the same processing power as the Series 7 and Series 6. 

Another Device

That reportedly won’t come with many upgrades is the second-generation AirPods Pro.

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