Space Station Astronauts  Bone Loss

Suffer Horrific Amount of

Astronauts Who Spent More Than

3 months in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS) only partially recovered from extensive bone loss.

While the Phenomenon Naturally

Occurs in humans on Earth, the loss appears to be more prominent when the body is exposed to microgravity.

In Fact, the Study’s

Authors found that six months in space resulted in decades worth of bone deterioration.

Bone and Joint Health Experts

“We’ve seen astronauts who had trouble walking due to weakness and lack of balance after returning from spaceflight"

The Issue Stems from The

Microgravity environment of space. One of the biggest factors behind bone health is weight. 

Like Muscles

Bones need weight and stressors to maintain their strength. Without them, they become weakened over time. 

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