Astroscale to Launch  Mission in 2024

Space-Junk-Removing Test

Fresh Off an Attempt Last Month

At catching a simulated piece of debris in orbit, Astroscale says it's ready to launch a 'space junk servicer' test in late 2024.

The Tokyo-Based

Company is partnering with broadband satellite provider OneWeb to launch the ELSA-M mission

The Company Said in a Statement

"with ambitious plans to deliver a space debris removal service to satellite operators thereafter,"

The European Space Agency (ESA)

And the U.K. Space Agency provided €14.8 million ($15.9 million) in financial support for the mission.

Astroscale's Managing Director

"This spacecraft will demonstrate our innovative rendezvous, capture and de-orbit capabilities with a full-size constellation"

The Aim Is to Allow This

Servicer to capture and deorbit multiple satellites in low Earth orbit during its mission.

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