Boeing's Starliner  for 1st Time

Spacecraft Docks at ISS

The Starliner Spacecraft

Docked later than planned, but it's a huge milestone for Boeing's astronaut taxi.

Boeing's Starliner Capsule

Notched a huge milestone for the aerospace giant and its quest to fly NASA astronauts to and from orbit.

Starliner Lifted Off Atop A United

Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on Thursday evening (May 19), kicking off a crucial uncrewed mission to the station called Orbital Flight Test 2 (OFT-2).

About 22 Hours Later, Starliner Began

Zeroing in on the ISS, performing a series of fly-arounds, approaches and retreats designed to showcase its rendezvous chops.

The Boeing Spacecraft

And station were sailing about 270 miles above the South Indian Ocean as they met in orbit.

NASA Astronaut Robert Hines

"Starliner is looking beautiful on the front of the space station," radioed to Mission Control from the station after docking.  

Nasa Develops Objectives 

for First Mission to Mars