Canada considers adding  Criminal Code

moon crimes to its

Canada is working on legislation

 that would allow legal action against crimes committed on the moon, among other space locations. 

A budget bill containing

 the proposed space law amendment for the moon passed its first reading April 29 in the country's House of Commons.

The moon's surface,

 the Gateway space station and transportation to or from the Gateway would all fall under the proposed legislation, making Canadians in these locations subject to legal action for alleged crimes.

Canada appears to be getting

ready to expand its outer space access and responsibilities, following becoming the first country to sign an Artemis Accord with the United States in 2019. 

The amendment to 

Canada's Criminal Code is referenced in Bill C-19's Division 18, under a heading called "Civil Lunar Gateway Agreement Implementation Act."

 The Budget Implementation Act 

containing the proposed legal changes seeks to confirm the 2022 budget that the Canadian government introduced April 7.

If The Space Law

Section is ratified, it would have broad implications for international crime jurisdiction in space

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