Canyon Of Fire Erupts On  Geomagnetic Storm

The Sun, Set To Spark

Massive Canyon Of Fire Emerged

On surface of the Sun that has now unleashed a series of CME toward Earth that will spark a geomagnetic storm on our planet

The Hustle-Bustle On The Sun

Has now taken another turn! A series of explosions have been shot from an opened fiery canyon from the surface of the Sun

According To SpaceWeather

The 'Canyon of Fire' is at least 12,400 miles (20,000 km) high and 10 times as long.

This Gigantic Canyon Of Fire

On Sun unleashed powerful streams of magnetized solar winds towards Earth that will have an impact on Earth.

Met Office, UK's Weather Forecaster

Also confirmed about the two 'filament eruptions' that took place in the south-central part of the sun.

While The First Filaments

Shot out of the Sun on April 3 around 11 am EDT, the second one happened on Monday 4 ay 5 pm EDT approx

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