China Aims to Bring  2 Years Before Nasa

Mars Samples to Earth

China’s Mars Sample Return Mission

Aims to collect samples and deliver them to Earth in 2031, or two years ahead of a NASA and ESA joint mission.

Sun Zezhou, Chief Designer

Presented a new profile for China's Mars Mission, he outlined plans for a two-launch profile, lifting off in late 2028.

This Multi-Launch Mission

Planned by China will have simple architecture compared to the NASA-ESA project, without using any rovers on mars.

If The Mission Goes Successful

It would deliver first Mars sample on Earth——One of the major scientific goals of space exploration.

Meanwhile, NASA Delayed Plans

For Mars Sample Return campaign and split a lander mission into 2 spacecraft to reduce the overall risk of the program. 

ESA's Earth Return

Orbiter would launch in 2027, and the samples would return to Earth in 2033 under the revised schedule.

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