China Launches 

Military Spy Satellite

China Sent Off

A grouped military remote detecting satellite on March 17 on a Long March 4C rocket.

The Three-Stage

Rocket set the Yaogan 34-02 satellite into an orbit at a height of 680 miles (1,100 kilometers).

CASC Said the New Satellite

Will work in a connected network with the Yaogan 34-01 remote detecting satellite sent off the year before.

China’s State Media Said the Satellite

“will be used for the survey of land resources, urban planning, crop yield estimation, and disaster prevention and reduction.”

Yaogan 34-02 Can Likewise

Quickly return to districts on Earth, giving consistently refreshed symbolism of a similar area.

Yaogon Is a Cover Name For

China's Military Spy Satellites. China did not mention any military use, but it sure will support national defense.

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