China Launches Shenzhou  Module Installation

14 Mission to Support

China scuessfully launched

 the Shenzhou 14 mission to their Tiangong space station on Sunday morning

The crewed launch of three taikonauts

 took place from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China, with the Shenzhou spacecraft being taken to orbit

The Commander of the

 mission is Chen Dong, a veteran of the Shenzhou 11 mission in October 2016.

He was selected

 as a China National Space Administration (CNSA) taikonaut in 2009.

Joining Dong on

 Shenzhou 14 is Liu Yang, who will serve in the Operator role.

For this mission

 the crew is flying in the Shenzhou, the backbone of China’s human spaceflight program.

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