China’s Alien Planet  Of The Brain

Mission To Guardians

Quantum communication technology

 may allow for information to be securely sent through interstellar space without being disrupted by gravity

Smashing things together at

unprecedented energies sounds dangerous. But it’s nothing the Universe hasn’t already seen

China proposes an alien planet

 mission to hunt habitable worlds by scanning wobbling stars, reports Andrew Jones for

Seeing the Earth through

 alien eyes: an extraterrestrial view of our planet, reports Physics World.

With a global alarm ringing because

 of an unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox, we should also consider a different but closely related viral threat

First Human Genome Sequenced

 from Ancient Pompeii Is a male who was likely in his late thirties when the historic Mount Vesuvius eruption occurred.

The analyses suggest he is

 related to the diverse Imperial Roman population of the time, and that he may have suffered from spinal tuberculosis

NASA Issues  Storm

Warning of a Solar