New Magnetic Wave  Earth's Core

Found Surging Through

Scientists have detected

Scientists have detected a completely new type of magnetic wave that surges through Earth's outer core every seven years

According to the researchers

, the existence of these waves could help explain mysterious fluctuations in the planet's magnetic field,

Satellite measurements of

 the magnetic field taken over the last 20 years show that the field's strength dips every seven years or so

Nicolas Gillet, a researcher said

"Geophysicists have long theorized over the existence of such waves, but they were thought to take place over much longer time scales,"

Earth's outer core

 is an orb of molten iron that churns and sloshes with constant motion.

The flow of this rotating wraps

around the planet and stretches for hundreds of thousands of miles into space, shielding Earth from harmful radiation.

The planet's

 magnetic field is always changing, both on short- and long-term time scales.

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