Bizarre 'Polygons' Are  Surface of Mars

Cracking Through the

A Recent Image From

The orbiting HiRISE camera reveals that it is springtime on Mars and the mysterious polygons are in bloom.

The Image, Which Was Taken

On March 30, 2022, shows a patchwork of white zig-zags tearing through the Martian soil at high latitudes


Sporadic sprays of black and blue mist fanning out between them.

According to Researchers at The

University of Arizona, which oversees the HiRISE mission, the zigzags and colourful sprays are defining characteristics of Martian spring.

In the Spring

As surface ice sublimates, or changes from a solid to a gas, the edges of these polygons become cracked and frayed.

When This Transformation Happens

Vents of dry ice spray out of the Martian surface leaving dark, fan-shaped deposits scattered across the ground.

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