Cute Lunar Robots Test Their 

Skills on Italy's Etna Volcano

With Its Adorable

Stereo-camera eyes, the Lightweight Rover Unit 1 (LRU1) robot, posing on the black gravel of Italy's Mount Etna

The Robots, Developed by The

German Aerospace Center (DLR), spent the last week of June demonstrating their ability to navigate without human guidance. 

The Robotic Team's Scientist

Analyzed the moon-like soil with its cameras, assisted by its "brother", the Lightweight Rover Unit 2 (LRU2).

Lru2, Equipped with a Robotic Arm

Can grasp baseball-sized rocks and provide feedback, virtually allowing the scientists to remotely "feel" the lunar stones.

The Rover Can

Also determine the chemical composition of the collected samples using its laser spectroscope,

Laser Spectroscope Is an Instrument

That shines a laser beam onto a surface and detects how the surface scatters the light back. 

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