DC's Own Black  Knows About

Spider-Man: No One 

This Spidey Ain't Good

Let's talk about DC's version of Spider-Man. His name is Eric Needham also known as Black Spider, a small-time crook who is addicted to heroin

Old Habits Die Hard

His addiction to Heroine made him a petty thieve to support his habits, eventually got sent to prison & released but returned to the life of crime - This was before he was Black Spider.

Killed His Own Kin

Just like the Marvel's version but obviously a bit dark because its DC, Eric Needham shot a person while robbing a liquor store and guess what, that man turned out to be his own father.

Spidey Without Powers But Still Badass

Sadly there weren't any radio-active spider, but Eric Needham was quite optimistic and still became the Black Spider after shooting his father dead and take his vengeance out on DRUG DEALERS - talk about Irony & Hypocrisy.

It Gets Much Darker From Here

Black Spider gets in conflict in Batman and one night when he returns home, he finds out both his wife and son overdosed on heroine. He plans a suicide mission and tried to take as many dealers as possible along with him.

Should Have Been In Suicide Squad

With his life hanging by a thread, thugs drag him to their respective "Lords" and he reveals a bomb on his chest, and he blows up the whole warehouse before anyone (Batman) could save him.

Tom Cruise Iron Man Is  Armor & It Glows In Anger

Called The Endo-Sym