Why Deadpool 3’s Director  Crossover With Hulk

Has Fans Thinking A

Anticipating Deadpool Crossover

Tons of lingering questions on the future of Deadpool, With it's joining the MCU, fans want to see some epic crossovers.

Official Tweet From The Director

A new twitter post by the director of Deadpool 3 has us hoping to see Wade Wilson meet Mark Ruffalo's Hulk on screen.

What. Does. It. Mean?

Shawn Levy shared this image, presumably from the set of The Adam Project, starring Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds.

Sticker Teased Crossover

Now fans are hoping to see that duo back together for Deadpool 3, all because of this image, and some well placed stickers of Hulk and Deadpool.

"Little Did I Know"

This comes with a cryptic caption. “Little Did I Know…” could just be a reference to his gig directing Deadpool 3 so shortly after The Adam Project.

Hulk In Deadpool 3 Cast

Although some are hoping it’s a tease that Hulk could join the mysterious cast of Deadpool 3. Anything could happen due to the Merc with the Mouth officially joining the MCU.

There Must Be A Crossover

Whether Hulk has a role remains to be seen, but smart money says there will be some satisfying MCU crossovers.

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