Did Elon Musk Quietly  Neuralink?

Fire the President of

The overarching idea of Neuralink

Is to develop an enormously ambitious commercial brain implant that will let users control computers with their minds.

This “Fitbit in Your Skull”

Will do everything from streaming music directly into your brain to healing spinal paralysis and mental illness 

But the Company Has

Released very little tangible information about any concrete progress toward those goals. 

In Early May, the Company’s

Co-founder and president Max Hodak suddenly announced that he had departed the company weeks prior

One Former Neuralink Employee Told

Hodak had clashed with Musk. And Musk had originally anticipated that Neuralink would already have been conducting human clinical trials by last year

Raising the Intriguing

Possibility that Musk ousted Hodak because Neuralink’s timetables were falling behind.

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