“Dog Door” Discovered 

on Mars?

As the rover Curiosity explores

 our red neighbor Mars, many scientists and space buffs wait with bated breath for news that the planet held life.

The yawning black opening,

 according to NASA, is a “doorway into the ancient past.

NASA claims the “door”

—a diminutive 12- by 16- inch opening—is just a natural “open fracture” in the bedrock

It’s interesting that at even

 the slightest unsubstantiated sign of the possibility that there might, maybe, kind of be evidence for some kind of supposed alien life

the internet frenzies even when

 that “evidence” turns out to be the brain trying to explain “ambiguous shapes” in terms of known objects

And yet the evidence for a

Creator God is, to put it mildly, far more obvious than a tiny sloping “doorway” in a cliff on an uninhabited planet.

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