Doctor Strange 2 New Trailer Confirms Cameos TRUE

X-Men & Illuminati

Here Comes The Mutants Army

Rumors of Charles Xavier cameo alongside ghost rider and deadpool were all over the internet, We couldn't find deadpool in the trailer but we did see and hear Charlex Xavier in the illuminati trail.

Literally "What Is Going On" Here

From Nightmare to Zombie Doctor Strange, the list of villains just doesn't end in Multiverse Of Madness, even Wanda doesn't seem to be a trustworthy ally in the trailer, then a Sinister Strange from "What If..?" series and a multiversal kraken demon called Gargantos.

The Pony Tail Defender

Luckily Dr. Strange has multiversal heroes too including a variant of himself called the "Defeneder Strange" with a pony tail, and America Chavez, who punches a Star portal through dimensions and a glowing thing that we see fighting Wanda in the trailer.

Strange at Trial By Illuminati

This is all Dr. Strange's fault, and we see him handcuffed by Ultron like robots as "His desecration of reality won’t go unpunished". This is where we see Charles Xavier bald head and hear his voice "we should tell him the truth"

A Hub Of The Powerful or Insightful

This teases the arrival of the Illuminati of superheroes: A group of the most powerful or insightful heroes for protecting the multiverse from any multiversal threat. Iron-Man, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt, Professor X, Reed Richards from Fantastic Four are members.

Tom Cruise Money Shot Will Prevail

This could mean we are really going to see Tom Cruise Cameo as Iron-Man or Superior Iron-Man from any other universe, it's not very likely for Tom Cruise to make such a short cameo but Marvel is known for its unpredictable Money Shot Cameos to blow up the theatres with cheers.

Evil Scarlet Witch & X-Men Confirmed By  Trailer

New Doctor Strange 2