'Doomsday Glacier' Among  in 5,500 Years

Those Melting at Fastest Rate

A New Study Says in the Past 30 Years

Two major glaciers in Antarctica have been losing ice at their fastest rates over the last 5,500 years

Such Fast Melting

Of these glaceirs and can contribute as much as 3.4 metres of global sea level rise.

The Study Looked at the Rate Of

Of sea level change near the West Antarctic Ice Sheet as an indirect way of gauging how fast the glaciers are melting.

The Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers

In the West Antarctic Ice Sheet have areas of 192,000 square kilometres and 162,300 square kilometres.

The Thwaites Glacier Has Been

Nicknamed the Doomsday Glacier, given its potential to cause significant changes in global sea level if it melts.

The Researchers Say the Glaciers

Could contribute to as much as 3.4 metres of global sea level rise over the next several centuries.

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