There are four hostile   Way, claims study

alien civilizations in Milky

A new study claims that

there could be at least four alien civilisations with hostile intentions in our world.

However, the researcher has

 concluded that the probability of these civilisations invading Earth is very low.

Caballero, in his latest paper, says

 as a human civilisation, we would invade once we become a Type-1 civilization capable of nearby interstellar travel.

He also maintains that there could be

 fewer than one malicious extraterrestrial civilization in the Milky Way that has also mastered interstellar travel.

The astronomers question by saying

 that only GJ 273 b, located 19 light-years away, remains considered to be potentially habitable.

Four hostile civilisation exists in

 the Milky Way, Caballero based his estimation on the world's history of invasions in the last century.

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