Easter Moon 2022 Will  This April!

Show Actual Pink Color

The Easter Moon Will Have

A completely pink look once it happens this Holy Week. The Easter Moon or Pink Moon is not a solar or lunar eclipse.

It Is A Full Moon

That will be appearing on Saturday, Apr. 16, which is the "First Day of Passover."

Aside From The Two

Mentioned names, it also has other titles, such as the Egg Moon and the Hunter moon.

According To Euro Weekly

News latest report, the Easter moon will appear at exactly 2:55 p.m. EST.

Space Experts Said

It would last for around three days, becoming visible to the naked eye.

On The Other Hand

NASA said that the pink color of the full moon might start forming on Friday, Apr. 15.

NASA Astronaut Says ' Human Side'

Elon Musk Has A Very