Electronic Tattoo Offers  Pressure Monitoring

Highly Accurate Blood

Scientists Have

Developed a new electronic “tattoo” that can monitor a patient’s blood pressure continuously. 

Cuff Measurement Tools Aren't

The most reliable way to measure blood pressure, also, it can be influenced by a person's mood at the time.

Continuous Monitoring

Is needed to really understand how the body is functioning, but that’s hard to do outside of the clinic. 

Smartwatches & Fitness Trackers

May seem like an answer, but they aren’t reliable enough to do the job yet – they tend to move around, & are too simple.

Researchers at Texas A&M

And the University of Texas at Austin developed a less invasive device that can measure blood pressure over time.

The Device Is An E-Tattoo

Made up of a graphene sensor encased in a sticky material that’s apparently comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and doesn't move around.

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