Elon Musk Is Diversifying  With Twitter Stake

World’s Biggest Fortune

For Years And Years

 Elon Musk’s net worth has dominated by one stock: Tesla Inc.

$273 billion fortune

His purchase of a 9.2% stake in Twitter Inc., disclosed Monday in a regulatory filing, adds an unusual element of diversification to his $273 billion fortune

$2.89 billion

Musk’s holding in his favored social-media platform was valued at $2.89 billion as of market close Friday

Triggered The Disclosure

The billionaire is up more than $1 billion based on Twitter’s closing share price on March 14

So Far He's Done Well

Even though Musk is now Twitter’s biggest shareholder, his holding still represents just a fraction of his overall wealth.

As Of Friday 

The vast majority of Musk’s net worth was tied to shares and options in Tesla, where he’s chief executive officer.

Could Elon Musk Become  2024?

World's First Trillionaire in